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Catherine Gavigan


Bachelor of Education

Graduate Diploma of Management​

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Catherine Gavigan is the Director of the New Zealand Centre for Wellbeing and Resilience, an organization specialising in wellbeing and resilience programmes in schools, universities, government and corporate organizations.

For the past eight years one of Catherine’s areas of interest has been to assist the university sector in developing their staff. Catherine has been part of the Staff Development Calendar at Massey University in New Zealand and universities across Australia.

The development goal in the university sector has been to help build staff capability so that they are more agile and equipped to deal with the constantly changing landscape in the sector. Catherine is also working with universities whose aim is to enhance the student experience.

Catherine is the Director of the National Centre for Training and Development in Australia, an organisation that specialises in the design and facilitation of interpersonal skills, team development, business skills and management development programmes throughout Australia and Asia.

Some of Catherine’s clients have included: University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Griffith University, Channel Nine, Westfarmers, CPA, Apple Centre Perth, Bunnings, Australian College of Business and Technology and Harvest International College.

Since 2012 Catherine has been a member of the Prem Rawat Foundation Programme Development Team. The team has developed five, multi-media Peace Education Programmes from 2012-2020. The Peace Education Programmes have been facilitated in a variety of sectors worldwide, with a focus on developing inner resources. The programme has been translated into 35 languages and is facilitated in over 80 countries in a variety of sectors; schools, universities, prisons, police training, corporate organisations and hospitals. Catherine facilitates this programme at the Centre throughout the year. She considers the understanding of personal peace and inner resources, the foundation of wellbeing and resilience.

Catherine employs consultants to run workshops at the Centre from a variety of wellbeing and resilience disciplines; psychology, art, health and fitness, physiotherapy, medicine, healthy aging, naturopathy and nutrition. Her aim is to provide innovative, research based education that makes a difference to quality of life.

Catherine can be contacted at

+64 211 428 893 (New Zealand)

+61 407 335 662 (Australia)

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