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Corporate Workshops

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Workshop Description:

Leadership matters.

This workshop explores the qualities of effective leadership in a world where there are many examples of poor leadership and the ensuing examples of economic, social and emotional stress for people living in these workplaces, cities and countries.

Effective leaders consistently achieve superior results through building their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence competencies include empathy, self-confidence, initiative, self-motivation, persistence and adaptability. 

Effective leaders also understand leadership styles and how to make time for the vital functions of leaderships.

Intended Outcomes:

• Assess your emotional intelligent (EQ) competencies and learn how to build competencies you are deficient in.

• Review the vital functions of leadership

• Review the six managerial leadership styles and the situations in which they work best

De-Stress for Success

Workshop Description:

Developing excellent stress management systems and perspectives is essential for both physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Knowing what triggers stress in our lives, analyzing our habits and approaches to our daily challenges will build insight and a more relaxed approach to the year. This workshop will help you build a plan for managing stress and pressure.

Intended Outcomes:

• Identifying the types of stress in your life – anticipatory, residue or situational stress

• Identify your sources of stress and how to manage them effectively

• Examine strategies to minimize stress

• Identify the best strategies for dealing with unavoidable stressful situations that hit you in life

Juggling Priorities

Workshop Description:

With ongoing competing demands at work and at home we need to regain control and work more effectively to manage these demands. Simple prioritizing systems and practical tools used daily, can remove the stress and pressure from working out what is the most important use of your time in order to deliver timely results and improve your productivity.

Intended Outcomes:

• Be exposed to a wide range of priority management ideas

• Review your organizations and personal strategic plan

• Set personal and work goals

• Review priority setting techniques

• Tune up your planning and organizing skills

• Assess your current use of time

• Review how to stay focused and on track

• Identify time wasters

• Using a time log to identify time management problems

• Select the best time management tools for you

• Learn to say 'no' while maintaining good relationships with colleagues, clients and family

Disagreeing Well

Workshop Description:

Knowing how to disagree well is a key ingredient in effective communication. Sound disagreement skills are an integral part of building robust relationships with the people we live and work with. Being able to disagree well requires emotional intelligence, self-awareness and in-depth analysis of what neutralizes a situation or inflames it.

Intended Outcomes:

• You will learn the foundational behaviours, perspectives and understanding necessary for mature disagreement in the workplace.

• You will examine your approach to disagreements and revise the elements necessary to move forward in interactions where there is some disagreement whilst keeping a focus on preserving relationships.

Successful Teamwork

Workshop Description:

Most managers appreciate the value of teams, however, long-standing habits and demanding schedules often prevent them from taking quality time to build and nurture high performing teams. The solution involves establishing team goals, working agreements, approaches to handling disagreements and operating procedures. It requires the understanding of individual working and communication styles and scheduling ongoing team development. This workshop looks at the key characteristics of high performing teams and how to build and maintain their effectiveness.

Intended Outcomes:

• You understand the key characteristics of high performing teams

• You understand individual working and communication styles within the team

• You understand how to communicate and formulate a clear vision, objectives and goals

• You develop a team professional development plan.

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